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Since the beginning of my artistic career, I have chosen pastel as my preferred medium of expression for the simple reason that I enjoy both painting and drawing simultaneously, and it is the only technique that perfectly combines the immediate emotion of the stroke with the sensuality of great painting, offering the same aesthetic possibilities. This technique allows for the treatment of themes as varied as portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. Personally, I find that pastel, with its brilliance and the shimmer of its pale tones, makes it the ideal medium for capturing the effects of light..
Alongside my medical studies at the Catholic University of Louvain (BELGIUM), I attended evening classes at the Superior Art School Le 75 in Brussels and frequented workshops led by Belgian pastel masters.

Awards & Distinctions

  • Nice Matin Newspaper Prize 2003 at the GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL D'ARTS PLASTIQUES DE NICE 2003.
  • Silver Medal at the International Salon of Plastic Arts in Perpignan 2005.


  • Listed in the Artist Rating Dictionary 2011, 2004, 2005


11/11/2015: Morocco

  • Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses Hotel. Exhibition under the theme: "The Charm of Pastel"

09/01/2010: Morocco

  • Casablanca, Morocco, at Venise Cadre Gallery. Theme: "African Charm, Portraits of Africans"

09/01/2010: Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, at ABRACO Gallery. Theme: "The Charm of Pastel, Exhibition in Support of Children Affected by AIDS"

09/11/2010: Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, at TIVOLI Hotel. Theme: "The Charm of Pastel in Service of African Beauty"

10/25/2010: Peru

El Olivar Cultural Center, Lima, Peru. Under the theme: "Africa through a Moroccan Perspective"

11/11/2005: France

Nice, France. Participation in the International Contest of Contemporary Arts in Nice 11/09/2004:

11/09/2004: France

  • Perpignan, France. Participation in the SIAPP International Exhibition in Perpignan, France
  • Perpignan, France. Participation in the Grand Prix of the International Salon of Plastic Arts in Perpignan


Participated in the International Exhibition on the occasion of the "Centenary of Salvador Dali" at Sala Barna, invited by Batik Art, Barcelona,


Pastel lends portraits a velvety effect, a softness, and an infinite range of subtle nuances that are characteristic of this art form. Pastel boasts the highest concentration of coloring pigments among paints, and there are no chemical reactions between its various components, as can occur with oil paint. Thus, its intensity remains over time.
One of pastel's strengths lies undoubtedly in the purity and vibrancy of its colors. The subtleties, freshness, luminosity, and delicacy of the hues that define this technique's charm burst forth in all their splendor. The art of Pastel is refined and sensitive.
Serving as both a drawing and painting tool, pastel bridges the gap between these two techniques. It was a favored medium of portraitists in the 18th and 19th centuries (such as Maurice Quentin de la Tour, Chardin, Liotard, etc.). It continued to be used by the Impressionists (like Degas), the Nabis (like Vuillard), and Odilon Redon.

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Femme peul

Femme peul N°2

Femme peul N°2

Femme sénégalaise

Femme peul

Femme peul 4

Jeune fille éthiopienne

Femme himba

Balbo l'ivoirien

Fille himba

Petit garçon burkinabé

Guerrier masai

Berger éthiopien

Jeune fille himba

3 jeunes filles peul

Berger aafar de l'Ethiopie

Femme de Dakar

Femme mauritanienne

Cheikh Tuareg

Jeune cavalier touareg

Cavalier Touareg

Femme d'Agadez

Turban bleu

Guerrier touareg 2

Jeune fille tuareg

Femme de lagouira

Chef touareg


2 guerriers tuareg

2 chefs tuaregs

Tuareg 3

Jeune fille himba

Femme du Sénégal

Enfant de Lomé

Petite fille burkinabée

Marchand de Tafilalt

Jeune fille Himba2

Jeune fille masai

Claude l'ivoirien


Gnaoui d'essaouira

Danseurs gnaoui d'Essaouira

Danseuse andalouse

Flamenco 1

Flamenco 1

Flamenco 2

Flamenco 3

Flamenco 4


Anonyme 1


Identité zero 1


Fantasia 1

Fantasia 2

Combat de taureaux

Aigle royal

Sourire du cap vert







Attente 4

Attente 3

Attente 2


Ruthd (Estevan)

Abigwo 2



La belle époque

Sortie de bain



Journals & Art critiques

Le matin

Il est incontestablement le plus africain des plasticiens marocains après être devenu le portraitiste de femmes africaines le plus connu à travers le monde dans cette spécialité.

Aujourd'hui le Maroc

L’artiste-peintre marocain Abderrahmane Latrache exposera, à partir du 21 décembre, sa nouvelle collection «Black Beauty» chez la galerie casablancaise A2. Une exposition qui comprend des oeuvres donnant la part large à des portraits de femmes et d’hommes noirs du continent africain


Abderrahmane Latrache signe son grand retour sur la scène artistique nationale (vidéo)
De la documentation de l’Histoire humaine à l’expression d’émotions collectives, le portraitiste de femmes africaines, Abderrahmane Latrache, nous raconte comment il perçoit son rôle de contributeur créatif.

Abderrahmane Latrache signe son retour avec "Black Beauty"
La Galerie A2 à Casablanca va accueillir, à partir du 21 décembre, l'exposition "Black Beauty" d'Abderrahmane Latrache qui marque son retour sur la scène artistique nationale.

MAROC Diplomatique

L’exposition « Black Beauty » signée Abderrahmane Latrache
A partir du 21 décembre 2021, la Galerie A2 a la plaisir de présenter les travaux d’Abderrahmane Latrache. C’est dans cette conjoncture exceptionnelle, que l’artiste peintre Abderrahmane Latrache signe son retour sur la scène artistique nationale. A sa manière, il apporte sa contribution en termes de sensibilité et d’esthétique.

Libé culture

Le charme du pastel au service de la beauté africaine est le thème d'une exposition du peintre marocain Abderrahmane Latrache, ouverte vendredi soir à Lisbonne à la «Galerie Abraço». L'exposition, qui se poursuivra jusqu'au 30 courant, revisite un sujet de prédilection de l'artiste, les portraits de touaregs et d'africains.


Each painting by LATRACHE, taken individually, remains exemplary: the human figure as a central motif is revealed by its profile as a formal invariant, or by the elliptical flexion of the body, emblematic concentration of contained energy; bodily presence carries the tension of its physical amplification, space becomes the expansion of the body, the primary site of spatial and perceptive experience, remains the intelligible symbol of a space not empirical and everyday, but solely pictorial, abstract from any lived resonance, superbly delivered to the cultural and sensitive memory of the act of painting; the model is engaged in an independent existence and only testifies to the artist's will to suspend movement at the infinitesimal moment when the gesture has encountered the most accurate light. Almost all of these works explore the body in motion bathed in lateral and changing light that highlights the interplay of shadows and tactile contrasts introduced by rendering different materials: skin texture or fabric fibers. It contrasts the fine dusting, the blending of models, the softness and velvety texture thus worked, with the rigor of the line, the sharpness of the forms, the precision of the details...

Alaoui Mohamed

After several exhibitions in France crowned by prestigious awards (Nice Matin Prize 2003 at the GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL D'ARTS PLASTIQUES DE NICE 2003, City of Saint Jean Prize 2004, Silver Medal at the International Salon of Plastic Arts in Perpignan 2005), he was quickly noticed by the Pastellists Society of France and became the first foreign member of this prestigious institution. He is regarded among the best pastel artists in France in the book "Le pastel en France" by the Society of Pastel Art in France, which will be available in bookstores from January 2006. The grand LAROUSSE soon included him in "The Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Artists" editions 2004 and 2005 among the great names of world painting.

SOUTH Helane

LATRACHE Abderrahmane is a Moroccan artist who shows considerable mastery of pastel drawing technique.
The pastel is kept fresh and clean, with minimal blending, especially of the white.
This is important, as when white is blended with dark pastels the result can look gray and lifeless. Dramatic contrast and a full range of tonal values with crisp highlights give.



Rabat Morocco


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